At 68, Dr. David Pensak, a Delaware-native, is enjoying his retirement by developing innovative solutions to common problems.

And creating a new startup company every year since 2011.

Global Startup Battle organizers announced the winners for the 2015 competition, with nine new startups taking first place in eight categories.

Time after time we hear and read about the importance of agribusiness and agriculture in resolving enormous challenges of today and tomorrow’s world.

The Antwerp based startup, Turbulent, who developed a new and efficient hydropower technique to deliver affordable, renewable energy, was elected as one of the best tech startups in the world by se

The 2015 Creative Business Cup world champion is Blitab of Austria, who impressed the jury with their business idea -- the world's first tablet for the visually impaired.

GEW 50 represent best of 800 startups from 20 countries. Finalists compete for a chance to present at the Global Entrepreneurship Congress in Medellin, Colombia in 2016.