Welcome to GEN Starters Club

GEN Starters Club is a community of founders looking to take their startup to the next level. Our ecosystem spans more than 165 countries across the globe, four yearly Cohorts, a dozen programs and initiatives, a pro-bono mentoring program, and a thriving community. The next GEN Starters cohorts are selected every three months.

Challenge Ready

Startup founders engage in a global challenge to demonstrate their ability to commit and execute

Direct Connection

Selected founders gain VIP access to the Global Entrepreneurship Network programs & initiatives

Guided Mentorship

GEN Starters and Mentors are matched based on stories, experiences and goals

Gloabl Network

A close-knit, exceptional and diverse community for mentees and mentors

A Few of Our Mentors

Andrew Parish

IP Activation Group

Managing Partner


David Chang


Business Development Engineer

Unites States

Elaine Gold

Elaine Gold


United Kingdom

Luigi Amati


Chairman & CEO